Main Benefits

• Property agreement for 3-5 years with Guaranteed Rent.
No risk of void periods ever again.

• We cover the rent guarantee regardless of whether the house is full or not.
Complete peace of mind that the money will be coming in every month without fail all under a legally binding contract for you.

• Only rented to working professionals in full time employment or a mix of Professionals.
Extremely low risk of property damage or tenants not paying the rent to us, and even if they didn’t the rent is still guaranteed.

• We pay all utilities from our own bank account.
You don’t need to worry about any bills or the tenants not setting up the utility accounts correctly and leaving bills in your name which we know affects most landlords at some point causing a lot of stress and hassle.

• We take care of small repairs and maintenance issues.
More money in your pocket, less time out of your social life dealing with problems. In fact, you won’t even know about any issues until you get your annual report showing what we have upgraded or repaired for you all at our own cost.

• If needed we will give your property a light refurbishment.
This is done at our own expense, anything we do for you will add more to the value of the house.

• No more calls in the middle of the night to deal with issues.
No more phone calls from tenants who can’t change a light bulb or have locked themselves out; we are the only tenant you ever have to deal with.